Los Angeles, denied admission to the Late Late show and healing our wounds in the Grove

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Los Angeles

Arrived late in the afternoon. We just did some small shopping across from our hotel and had some sushi before we went to bed, completely knocked out. The day after we started our 'normal routine' with a breakfast at Hermosa Beach. This time of the year it is bloody hot. So we preferred not to melt on the beach but to drive our air-conditioned car to West Hollywood. We did some shopping at the Crossroads vintage store on Santa Monica Boulevard and were excited about what was going to happen afterwards: We had tickets for the Late Late Show of James Corden next to the Grove! Broadway, television and film star James Corden takes over the reins of the Late Late-night franchise at CBS from fellow U.K. import Craig Ferguson. The British performer, whose previous hosting gigs include five years of The Brit Awards, puts his charm, warmth and creative instincts to use as he interviews celebrities and newsmakers, and hosts musical performances in his post "Late Show" time slot.

We changed our flip-flops to high heels and went to the CBS studios where the show took place. We were waiting in line and suddenly a guy came up to us and said: "Sorry girls, you can't join the show. It's a full house!". First we thought it was a joke but unfortunately he was serious. Denied admission...we changed our high heels to flip-flops again and walked back to the entrance. They ensured us that next time we will be in the show due to our new ticket status (previously denied) but still we were very dissapointed as you can imagine. We did some window shopping at Nordstrom to heal our wounds and touched every shoe we found to feel better after our terrible rejection...a woman's gotta do what a woman's gotta do...

Instead of watching the great Late Late Show of James Corden we watched the baby of Bridget Jones at the Pacific Theatres at the Grove... Mister Darcy instead of James Corden...just perfect, not ;-)!

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Taipei versus Los Angeles

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Taipei versus Los Angeles


Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall is located at the heart of Taipei City. I woke up late, but caught the last few moments of closing of the gates and retiring the national flag for the day. The guards ceremony is precision at it's best! The area is large but a wonderful place to stroll. I would suggest a twilight visit to capture day and night when the memorial building becomes illuminated. Here I met my new Taiwanese friend named Annie and had some drinks, food and laughs! A good way to practise her English, and mine! 

After this great visit I went to Shilin Night Market and bought sneakers and a furry keychain (It's a fashion thing, don't ask). There are a lot of night markets in Taipei. Most are open nightly and offer a variety of snacks, clothing and fun accessories.

The next day I visited the Taipei Fine Arts Museum within walking distance of the crew hotel and located in Taipei Expo Park. It's the most popular art exhibition hall, hosting a wide variety of international and Taiwanese art. I found the paintings a little bit bizarre, compared to the other parts of the exhibition. Overall I had fun and you can easily spend half a day here!


This time in Los Angeles I decided to go to the Venice Art & Collectables Flea Market on the parking of the Venice High School on Venice Boulevard. This outdoor flea market provides vintage jewelry, clothing & wares on the 2nd Saturday of every month. There's free parking and it is very easy to park your car in the vicinity of the market. I bought an amazingly nice, old chewing gum machine this time. What a gem!

After the market I went to Venice Beach and had a glimpse of Muscle Beach, but due to the June Gloom there was not much to see. June Gloom is a southern Californian term for a weather pattern that results in cloudy, overcast skies with cool temperatures during the late spring and early summer. It is most common in the month of June.

I visited a small vintage clothing market on my way to the beach. This market had a clothing truck instead of a food truck, very funny. I parked in a parking lot with an extraordinarly overrated price of fifteen dollars near Venice Beach. No matter if you stay for half a hour or the whole day you have to pay this amount. Totally different prices at Manhattan Beach. I spent a couple of hours on Venice but it is not my cup of tea. Manhattan Beach is my thing, so later on I finally went to my favorite Manhattan spot and was happy to be back home. Enjoying beach life and sunset...feeling home abroad.

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Paris versus Antwerp

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Paris versus Antwerp


Paris, the city of love, food and fashion. It's a pleasure to be part of this vibrant city and I simply enjoyed my stay here. I started my evening with a very good asian-fusion restaurant named "Bon" at rue de la Pompe. This trendy Philip Starck designed bar-restaurant is a discreet destination for 16eme locals and expats. Get a platter of the most excellent spring rolls-shrimp coriandre, beef basil & chicken curry, spicy beef salad and crispy chinatown duck for savory re-invented classics!

A good place to start shopping in Paris is the nice old quarter of Le Marais. I think Le Marais is the best shopping neighborhood in the city. There are tons of independently owned boutiques as well as luxury shops, trendy restaurants, hip galleries and wonderful markets. Today, the neighborhood is a mix of several communities which, at one time or another, played an important role in its history. Le Marais remains a central part of the Jewish community in Paris, and is also home to other more recent immigrant communities such as Algerians and Asians. Le Marais is also one of present-day Paris’ most prominent gay communities, with lots of gay night clubs, shops, and restaurants. The second place that I went to was the Furla store at Rue Saint Honoré. I purchased my little bag in this "chic" shopping area. (I have a bag obsession!). Here you've got expensive couturiers, more moderate designer boutiques and also you'll find the famous cult store Colette.

After a wonderful shopping session it was time to have some lunch. Ladurée is perfect for macarons and afternoon tea. Ladurée's salted caramel macaron is by far my favorite!


Going to Antwerp means going to my neighbor country where they also speak Dutch but in a slightly different way. Antwerp is not the capital of Belgium, that's Brussels, but it is a big city with a lot of remarkable cultural and fashionable hotspots. I made a reservation in one of The Soul studio's on the Marnixplaats in the bustling het Zuid district. This hip apartment hotel is a 3-minute walk from a tram stop and 8 minutes on foot from modern art exhibits at the Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst and the FOMU. "The Soul" is an experience for the body and soul.. It offers healthy food and drinks in The Soul Café and a good night sleep in The Soul Studios, Apartments and Loft. For a professional and luxurious treatment for your hair you can visit The Soul Hairspa. A nice experience and the studio was designed very well.

I visited the FOMU, the foto museum of Antwerp. They have interesting exhibitions all year long. You only have to walk ten minutes from the FOMU to reach the centre of Antwerp. During my walk to the centre I saw many nice vintage stores. There were lots of them with all different types of antique like, old school maps, furniture, toys, cloth... you name it! Antwerp is also a city of fashion and there are so many shops with high end brands. Belgium people know how to dress! And if you want to buy a high end delicacy to pair with your coffee or champagne, go to Ladurée in the Schuttershofstraat 51. This is un upscale bakery with Parisian origins, specializing in French macarons in a number of flavors. Be prepared!

The Wasbar...it's absolutely worth a visit! The decor is cute and the atmosphere is very relaxed. It is a great place to chill, mingle with friends and do your laundry while having lunch or a nice drink. I choose the 'cappuccino wasbar', a cappuccino with little marshmallows in it. It looks like my coffee had detergent in it and it tasted a little bit weird. But after all it was fun to have this drink especially in the Wasbar.

if you want to have a nice dinner go to Pasta Hippo Vino. You may notice the absence of pizza when you read the menu. What you will find here, however, is food made from real, home-made ingredients, made to the highest standards. The restaurant is not far from the Grote Markt, in the middle of the centre of Antwerp. If you don't want Italian wine, try the real Begium beer. Vedett is a good option ;-)!

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Guest sheep Dennis van Hoof

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Dennis van Hoof - Amsterdam

It's fun to get out of your comfort zone!

Dennis van Hoof is our first guest sheep. He was the first person who popped up in one of our compi's. It was october 2014 when DDTS visited New York City. We promised Dennis at that time that if we developed our website DDTS he would be the first guest sheep. Half a year ago Dennis moved from Breda, in the south of the Netherlands, to a very nice apartment in the north of Amsterdam. Surrounded by vintage with one brand new furniture piece: his velvet mustard coloured couch!

Most of my stuff is vintage.

Dennis is a flight attendant and spends a lot of time abroad. He visits every vintage store he can find on this planet. Eager to find hidden treasures like the old hotel telephone 'suite 301' or an old nice vintage cookbook like the one by Sophia Loren. Since he lives in Amsterdam he knows every vintage store and vintage market in the city. Always trying to find new special odd stuff. But he also finds his way easily on the vintage Chatuchak market in Bangkok. Most of the vintage stuff he bought came from the United States of America. Los Angeles and New York City are the main hot spots for that! Lately he bought a nice painting in the Ijhallen in Amsterdam. That was a golden catch. It appears that this painting belongs to a family who really want to buy it back. And it is pretty expensive. Dennis bought it for just twenty euro's! How funny is that. Negotiations started.

I am flying to see the world and I couldn't do without it.

His full time job as a flight attendant for Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) and being a vintage-shopper are the two main focal points in Dennis life: "Fulltime flying and vintage stores...that's it!" he says with a big smile. Beside that he loves photography. His goal is to post at least one Instagram picture for every journey he makes, private or work related.

I like to travel on my own so I don't have to explain what I am doing.

Plekk is his local pub, just around the corner from where he lives. That's where we met Dennis for the interview. G's in the Jordaan is the ultimate place to have breakfast with friends, he says. Hotel de Goudfazant is his favorite restaurant and a hidden gem in the industrial district near the water. In early days it was used as a garage, now it is one of the hotspots in town! Butcher Louman is the shop where he always buys his meat, it is situated in the Jordaan near the Haarlemmerstraat. After half a year living in Amsterdam Dennis knows his way very well. He can easily find the most hip and trendy places. He says: "I like to spend time with friends but I also love to travel on my own. I went to Russia, a country that integrues me a lot. I just visited it on my own. A brilliant adventure all by myself!"

A new goal during my travels and plan B.

Dennis visits restaurants all over the world. He is joining a culinary platform. In cooperation with KLM and Special Bite, Dennis is traveling around the world to specific places to review restaurants and their menu. On the review list for this year: Lima, Barcelona, Singapore, Bangkok, New York City and Hongkong. The ultimate job in a job! He says: "Beside that I have a plan B: My dream is to be the owner of a vintage store one day. Good stuff, good trading...that's my dream job in future besides my job as a flight attendant. A perfect combination!"
We thank Dennis for this interview. Beside the interview we have the guest sheep vlog. Check it out!