San Francisco, flying to Sonoma and drinking Korbel champagne

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San Francisco
San Francisco, feeling like a bird in the sky, heading to Sonoma!

Try to find a pilot who can fly you to Sonoma, buy a bottle of the delicious Korbel champagne and fly back over the golden gate to SanFran again, while enjoying this golden drink!

Which city: San Francisco, United States of America.

Where to go: Go to San Jose and find a pilot who can fly you to Sonoma.

What to drink and eat: Buy a bottle of Korbel campagne at Sonoma and take some snacks with you.

What to do: Enjoy the view over San Francisco and the beautiful landscape of Sonoma.

What to love: To feel like a bird while flying over the Golden Gate and to have the best champagne of Sonoma on the return flight.

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New York, Columbia University, Boat Bassin Cafe and an arty dandelion in Midtown Manhattan

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New York
New York: feel like a student at the stairs of Columbia University, relax near the Hudson and enjoy an arty fountain in Midtown Manhattan.

It is interesting to discover Columbia University in the city of New York. A famous university where you can wander around.

Which city: New York City, United States of America.

Where to go: To the Columbia University in Upper Manhattan. It is the highest ranked university in New York.

What to drink and eat: Visit Boat Bassin Cafe. It is located on the scenic Hudson River and have a nice walk from the Columbia University to the Cafe at West 79th Street.

What to do: Chat with the students on the stairs at the main entrance of the University building or walk into the building and feel like a professor by taking place at the catheter or take a glimpse at the interior of the old building.

What to love: The ambiance of the University with all the hustle and bustle or enjoy the view over the Hudson River while having lunch at the Boat Bassin Cafe. And if you are walking from Central Parc to Midtown Manhattan, take a look at the arty dandelion! It is a huge fountain.

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