Toronto Christmas Market, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Mercatto, Cluny Bistro and more

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We thought Thanksgiving would be on the same day in Toronto as in the United States. So we booked a table for two at Cluny Bistro in advance. It turns out that Black Friday is on the same date but Thanksgiving is not. Canada’s Thanksgiving is somewhere in October. So no celebration, no turkey, no cue lined up in front of Cluny. All shops were open on the normal opening hours. We had to adapt of course, so we spent some time at the Eaton Centre shopping mall ;-).

They had started the pre Black Friday discounts allready. We browsed around at Indigo for a long time. We both love bookstores! We had lunch at Mercatto, a restaurant in the Eaton Centre. It is such a nice place to hang out for a while during your shopping. The beautifully styled interior sports cool leather couches. It is a great setting for your desire for food, drinks and design. A hidden treasure between all the stores and ugly food courts.

We went to the Distillery District in the evening to have dinner at Cluny restaurant. We’ve been there before and in one of our compi’s of Toronto you will see and find all the information about it, so just click on THIS link ;-). When we arrived at the Distillery District we stepped into a Christmas setting, smack in the middle of Toronto Christmas Market. A lot of Christmas trees, decoration lights, Christmas songs, nice food and gift stalls gave us the real Christmas feeling. We had a delicious meal at Cluny and celebrated the good life.

The day after it was Black Friday! All shops opened around eight o’clock in the morning but it was not as hysterical as in the United States. We went to Yorkville first and spent some time in our favourite shop Anthropologie. They had a welcome Gluhwein-drink but unfortunately we couldn’t drink that because we had to work to Amsterdam later that day. The best part was wandering around town with all the Christmas excitement going on, having a nice dinner at Cluny and discovering Mercatto. The worst part was that we bought lots of items that weren’t on Black Friday sale at all… We were victims of our own taste ;-)!

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Atlanta, the Lenox Square Mall, Sprinkles cupcake ATM and more colourful stuff in the Peach State

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Halloween and Indian Summer in Atlanta

How colourful it can be in Georgia, the Peach State: halloween and Indian Summer in Atlanta this time! A pumpkin decorating competition in our hotel and spiders, spiderwebs and wicked witches everywhere around. We had a short stay so we took a taxi to the Lennox Square Mall. We drove via Sandy Springs.

Sandy Springs is a suburban city in northern Fulton County in Georgia and part of the Atlanta metropolitan area north of Atlanta. While all the hustle and busle of Metro Atlanta’s attractions are only minutes away, Sandy Springs is surrounded by more than 950 acres of parks and natural areas. So you can experience the best of the modern South. Enjoy the big city one moment and the warm hospitality of the hundreds of independently-owned restaurants and shops the next.

Unfortunately we only had a couple of hours in Atlanta but next time we will absolutely explore Sandy Springs some more! But for now we could catch a glimpse of the big wooden houses with porches just like you see in American movies. They are surrounded by beautiful coloured trees in orange, red and yellow. A party for the eyes.

At the Lennox Square Mall we walked into a fantastically bright pink coloured Sprinkles cupcake ATM. Sprinkles is the world’s first cupcake ATM where you can catch freshly baked cupcakes and cookies 24/7! They have a catchy tune when you start your cupcake order: “I love Sprinkles!”. This song repeats and repeats itself again and again…so no worries…you will remember this song all day long ;-)!

The cupcake comes out in a small box, it’s like Christmas came early! Sprinkles engineer Vineet Chaplot is a smart man indeed. How nice it was to choose our favorite red velvet cupcake that came out of the wall in a lovely box with a lovely tune...We love Sprinkles ;-)!”.

After some shopping we ended our colourful day near the pool of our hotel and caught a beam of the late afternoon sun on our faces. It was a mix of different ambiances this day with a touch of red, orange, yellow and pink. Sandy Springs is something to keep in mind…next time we hope to visit and explore that suburban city!

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