Bonaire…follow the wind to Windsock!

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Bonaire, let yourself be guided by the wind and visit the great spot at Windsock, The Beach!

Bonaire: As the slogan on the license plates of all vehicles on Bonaire confirms, this really is a “Divers Paradise”. But sailing, swimming, snorkeling and relaxing are also great options in this paradise as well.

Which area: Kralendijk, Windsock, Bonaire.

Where to go: Start your day at Windsock, The Beach. Take a dive and have a nice drink. Have lunch or dinner...the green eggs are waiting for you ;-)!

What do you need: You need a scooter (Don't Disturb The Sheep rented it at Smiley Rentals) to criss cross the island. Unfortunately you have to wear a helmet, due to safety no wind in your hair while driving a scooter. But let you hair wave in the wind like a windsock at The Beach!

What to do: Options all over...everything with wind, blue sky and sea is available on every part on the island. But The Beach at Windsock is the most relaxing place to hang out for a while or maybe the whole day, instead of the crowded beaches of Sorobon. The only drawback is that you can't surf at this place.

Nice to know information: Windsocks are used to tell wind speed and the direction of the wind speed itself.

Atlanta…discover the BeltLine in a speedy way!

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Atlanta, discover the BeltLine in a speedy way!

In the peach state of Atlanta you can discover a multi-use trail on a former railway corridor, the BeltLine, which links city parks and neighborhoods. You can walk, bike or take a speedy variant like DDTS did.

Which city: Atlanta, United States of America.

Where to go: Go to the BeltLine to one of the access points.

What do you need: You need an app for Bird or Lime to catch an electrical scooter somewhere near the BeltLine. And the fun starts!

What to do: Besides enjoying nature, you have several places to eat, for instance Superica which you will find near the BeltLine. Or you can go to other patios for lunch, dinner and all the way to those late night cocktails. Have a pit-stop at Ponce City Market where you can find lots of food as well or visit the great arty and hip shops! There is graffiti to spot everywhere on the trail. And you will have a perfect view of the Atlanta skyline while enjoying your ride. So what are you waiting for...grab that scooter!

What to expect: Fun, art, runners, walkers, bikers, skateboarders, nature and graffiti.

New York City, full of color!

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New York
New York, a city full of colorful surprises.

Engage all of your senses in unexpected ways when you are visiting this briljant place. Color, color, color...and oh yeah...COLOR, not only in a visual sense!

Which city: New York, United States of America.

Where to go: Go to the Color Factory at 251 Spring Street in Soho.

What to discover: You can discover a collaborative interactive exhibit full of colors, tasting, dancing, drawing and more funny surprises! And afterwards you can discover the Manhattan Color Walk as an extension of your visit at the Color Factory.

What to eat: Eat the delicious colorful mango ice cream when entering the exhibition. Eat salty and sweet stuff together and accept all the food and drinks they offer as an experience on its own.

What to expect: You expect the we will tell nothing and keep it as a big surprise ;-)!

Paris, a touch of Israel in le Marais

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Paris is known for its romanticism, fashion, food, art and culture. It is one of the largest cities in Europe. And some small tiny places in that large city are worth a visit...that's where Tavlin pops up!

The remarkable city of Paris is divided into twenty arrondissements. Check out le Marais. It spreads across parts of the 3rd and 4th arrondissements in Paris.

Which city: Paris, France.

Where to go: Go to the district le Marais and go to the Rue Rio de Sicile and visit number 25!

What to discover: The tiny cozy place called Tavline. This Israeli restaurant, brings cooking with an invigorating herbaceousness to the Marais (Tavline means "spice" in Hebrew).

What to eat: Jump in the delicious world of spices and try the houmous if houmous is your passion and try the incredible main dishes you can't refuse. An explosion of all kinds of flavors in combination with beautifully designed dishes are an inspiration for both your eyes as your taste.

What to love: The excellent service! The kindness and warm welcome you feel as a guest is like coming home. DDTS adores it and didn't want to be disturbed while having a great lunch or dinner at Tavline ;-)!

Atlanta, the Optimist, Martin Luther King & The Ebenezer church: dreams, hope and glory!

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Atlanta is full of history, dreams, love, hope, optimism and glory. Worth a visit.

Atlanta is not only the capital city of Georgia where the Coca Cola museum and the headquarter of CBS are situated. It is also the city of Martin Luther King where history and culture can be seen from early days and where you feel the hope for the future when joining a church ceremony.

Which city: Atlanta, Georgia, North America

Where to go: Go to Martin Luther King's boyhood home, but make a reservation in advance!  And visit the Ebenezer Baptist Church, where Martin Luther King was baptized and where both he and his father were pastors.

What to eat and drink: Go to the Optimist and feel their slogan: 'I have laid a side business, and gone a fishing'! Great fish dishes in an industrial ambiance. A seaside fish camp experience downtown Atlanta on Howell Mill Road.

What to do: Visit Martin Luther King's gravesite where he and his wife Coretta Scott King have their final resting place. Take a look at the eternal flame, and if you want more background information, go to The Martin Luther King Jr. Center across the street.

What to love: Join a sunday morning in the baptist Ebenezer church where you can hear lots of gospel songs and feel the love and respect for each other.

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Singapore, Mambo Beach Club at Sentosa Island and the National Gallery

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Singapore: relaxing to the max and a of lot of polka dots!

Singapore is such a divers city. Maybe you want to chill and go to the plastic fantastic beach or if you want the real stuff...visit an amazing exhibition in one of the musea this tropical city has to offer.

Which city: Singapore, Asia

Where to go: Go to one of the hotspots at Sentosa island, for instance Mambo Beach Club to relax to the max and enjoy the lounge music during the day or the disco in the late afternoon.

What to drink and eat: Try a nice champagne in the bar of Mambo Beach Club.

What to do: Visit a nice exhibition in the National Gallery. DDTS went to the ‘Life is the Heart of a Rainbow' exhibition by Yahoi Kusama at that moment.

What to love: The diversity of what the city has to offer. You can take a dip in the water at Sentosa Island, explore culture, history or science in galleries or musea or visit nature. And if you want glitter and glamour: go to a hip modern bar and pamper yourself with all luxury.

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Helsinki, Allas Sea Pool in minus 7 Celsius!

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Helsinki: swimming in the Allas Sea Pool at minus 7 degrees celsius! A really 'try before you die' experience!

The capital of Finland is a hip place to be. One of the bravest things to do is swimming in an outdoor pool during winter in the harbor of Helsinki.

Which city: Helsinki, Finland.

Where to go: Go to the Allas Sea Pool.

What to wear: Put on your moonboots and a bikini or swimshort, that's all ;-)!

What to do: Jump in the pool, head above the surface, enjoy the warm water, climb out of the pool...feel like a snowman, take a dip in the unheated bath and jump in the sauna afterwards.

What to love: The total craziness to swim in an outdoor pool while it is minus 7 degrees celcius and you see the icicles on the bathing ladders. After that you can dip into the sauna...that's heaven on earth after this frosty heroic action!

Cape Town, Mooi Bly, Nederburg and Bertus Basson at Spice Route

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Cape Town
Cape Town: have a real South African experience in the heart of the winelands.

Cape Town is a favourite destination for wine connaisseurs from around the world, but for DDTS it's also a great experience. Some of the best and oldest wine farms in the region can be found right in the city’s back yard. Find a driver to make sure you can drink and enjoy while going on a wine tour!

Which city: Cape Town, Paarl, South Africa

Where to go: DDTS went to wine estate Mooi Bly, a small wine estate in Paarl, that offers a warm, authentic accommodation and a range of six different wines to taste. A beautiful place to stay or to visit in the Cape wine lands.

What to drink and eat: Wine tasting at Mooi Bly or Nederburg is a great experience. The home of Nederburg Wines is a paradise of rolling vineyards and sweeping hills. Would you like to spice up your day: go to restaurant Bertus Basson at Spice Route. Enjoy a lunch under the oak trees surrounded by the beautiful nature. And don’t forget a nice glass of wine with it!

What to do: Taste wine, taste wine and taste wine ;-)! And have a quick look inside Bertus Basson’s shop to see nice glass art and how they are making these great glass pieces.

What to love: The amazingly beautiful nature, the wine estates, the South African people and the experience of tasting all the wines in the most stunning ambiance.

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Taipei, Artist Village, Treasure Hill, Poetry Cafe and 61 Note

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Taipei: art, face masks, robots and sushi...diversity in the streets of Taipei!

Taipei has a lot to offer and art is one of those things. The city contains at least two modern art districts worth to take a look at. DDTS went to the Art Village near Treasure Hill. Original as can be! If you want more art, go to the Museum of Contemporary Art. In front of the building are wonderful giant statues to explore. Sometimes you’re lucky to see a nice exhibition in the subway station...DDTS was lucky this time ;-)!

Which city: Taipei, Taiwan

Where to go: The Art Village near Treasure Island and the small hip streets near Gongguan station with hip coffee shop 61 Note.

What to drink and eat: Drink a coffee in the tiny Poetry Café in the Art Village or try the delicious sushi from the high end supermarket Mitsui Style.

What to do: Wander around in the streets of Art Village and take a look at the graphity and funny art like the blow-up of a happiness cookie.

What to love: The drug stores with a colourful variety of face masks. Try the red wine mask or the warm eye mask with lavender.

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Los Angeles, Palos Verdes, the Butcher’s Daughter, Melrose trading Post near Fairfax, AMC dine-in, Santa Monica & more

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Los Angeles
Los Angeles: how diverse can it be! Breakfast in Venice, movies at Marina del Rey, wandering around for vintage near Fairfax and enjoying the view at Santa Monica beach. O yes...and don’t forget the sunset near Palos Verdes!

Get the best of everything and enjoy nature, culture, food, vintage and the movies in Palos Verdes, Hollywood, Fairfax, Venice, Marina del Rey, Santa Monica beach and Melrose… It is all happening in that beautiful Lalaland!

Which city: Los Angeles, California, United States of America

Where to go: Explore Lalaland by car and drive to Hollywood, Venice, Melrose Place, Santa Monica and Marina del Rey in one day.

What to drink and eat: Start breakfast in the Butcher’s Daughter at Abbot Kinney in Venice and take a bite and drink while watching a movie at the AMC dine-in in Marina del Rey.

What to do: If you are there on a sunday, go to the open-air market of Melrose trading Post near Fairfax. This fleamarket features a range of vendors who are selling antiques, vintage goods and more nice collectibles.

What to love: The Terranea resort in Rancho Palos Verdes. It is a great place to watch the sunset. This park offers a stunning panoramic view of the Point Vicente Lighthouse and the rocky shoreline. When the sun starts setting, you can capture a breathtaking mix of yellow, violet and orange hues.

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Edinburgh, Edinburgh Castle and Scotch Whisky Experience

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Edinburgh, Edinburgh Castle, spotting half naked men and more Scottish details.

Step into history in this bustling and vibrant city!

Which city: Edinburgh, Scotland's capital city, United Kingdom

Where to go: Discover its hidden gems, experience its Scottish culture, and visit the Edinburgh Castle.

What to drink: Drink whisky or go to The Scotch Whisky Experience, a five star visitor attraction on Edinburgh's Royal Mile in the old town of Edinburgh.

What to do: Visit the Edinburgh Castle, enjoy folk music on the street or plan to go to a festival.

What to love: The Scottish traditional kilt, displayed on a  Highland Swing mug with a half naked man on it ;-)!

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Salt Lake City, Bryce Canyon and Beaver

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Salt Lake City
Salt Lake City, the port to Bryce Canyon in the state of Utah

If you want an incredibly beautiful experience: go to Bryce Canyon!

Which city: Salt Lake City, Utah, North America.

Where to go: Visit the small village of Beaver and the amazing wonder of nature: Bryce Canyon National Park.

What to drink and eat: Drink coffee and choose a delicious cake in a typical American Diner in Beaver.

What to do: Visit the small village of Beaver before heading to Bryce Canyon National Park. Take a look at a barbershop and find a nice American diner to eat and drink something. And experience nature to the fullest by surrounding yourself with the beauty of Bryce Canyon National Park.

What to love: The crimson-colored hoodoos, which are spire-shaped rock formations.

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