Taipei, Artist Village, Treasure Hill, Poetry Cafe and 61 Note

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Taipei: art, face masks, robots and sushi...diversity in the streets of Taipei!

Taipei has a lot to offer and art is one of those things. The city contains at least two modern art districts worth to take a look at. DDTS went to the Art Village near Treasure Hill. Original as can be! If you want more art, go to the Museum of Contemporary Art. In front of the building are wonderful giant statues to explore. Sometimes you’re lucky to see a nice exhibition in the subway station...DDTS was lucky this time ;-)!

Which city: Taipei, Taiwan

Where to go: The Art Village near Treasure Island and the small hip streets near Gongguan station with hip coffee shop 61 Note.

What to drink and eat: Drink a coffee in the tiny Poetry Café in the Art Village or try the delicious sushi from the high end supermarket Mitsui Style.

What to do: Wander around in the streets of Art Village and take a look at the graphity and funny art like the blow-up of a happiness cookie.

What to love: The drug stores with a colourful variety of face masks. Try the red wine mask or the warm eye mask with lavender.

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