New York’s Artechouse experience!

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New York offers a storytelling of the greatest mystery of the human brain!

Which area: Chelsea Market, New York City.

Where to go: The Artechouse at Chelsea Market. Where creative innovation has no limits.

What to do: If you are interested in the human brain you have to visit the Artechouse. You can experience the story of life at the cellular level. The experience is connecting audience to art and pushing the limits of creative innovation at the intersection of art, science and technology. It is an emotional rollercoaster while you are surrounded by the impressive digital images and the fantastic sound effects. All your senses will be affected!

How to get tickets: It is wise to book your ticket in advance on their website. Keep in mind to choose the right destination because the Artechouse is also situated in Washington and Miami.

Suggestion: Walk the High Line in advance. During this walk you can prepare yourself for the experience of the beautiful spectacle of the life of a neuron!

Watch more of the Artechouse on their YouTube channel!

San Francisco, Hayes Valley is the place to be!

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San Francisco is more than the Golden Gate, Mission street or the cable car. Hayes Valley is the place to be!

Which area: Hayes Valley, with its restored Victorian buildings, central green space, innovative shops, nice hip coffee shops and casual eateries.

Your coffee moment: If you want a nice coffee break at the multi-purpose outdoor Proxy space, than go to Ritual Coffee. It wasn’t that long ago that Ritual Coffee was “just” a pop-up shop made from a shipping container. There is an outdoor cinema as well.

What to do: Wander around and discover. Hayes Valley is a stone's throw from an arts circle that includes the Davies Symphony Hall, SF Jazz Center and Sydney Goldstein Theater. Hip boutiques, independent bookstores, and pop-up art galleries make Hayes Valley an object of envy to residents and non-residents. So take a shopping bag with you.

Japantown to visit: San Francisco's Japantown is a fun place to explore. Japantown is a 6-block area of shops and restaurants along Post Street in the Western Addition neighborhood. Not far from Hayes Valley. In a way, it's like taking a quick trip to Osaka. Immerse yourself in Japanese culture. A huge variety of Japanese items calling out to be purchased or eaten!

Late lunch: If you have enough of exploring this fantastic district and you want to have a nice late lunch, you can go to Palm House. Try the delicious Brussels sprouts. Palm House is situated behind the second oldest palm tree in San Francisco. You can see this palm tree through the glass rooftop in the restaurant. So look to the sky and you will meet this oldy!

(And thanks for all these great tips and tops Karin Norbuis ;-).

Watch our vlog of San Francisco!

Sao Paulo, Oscar Niemeyer, Rua Oscar Freire…it’s all about the Oscar’s ;-)!

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All Oscar's go to Sao Paulo! Join us and visit the auditorium and Oca, both designed by Oscar Niemeyer, eat at Santo Gráo in Itaim, stroll along Rua Oscar Freire and have dinner at Nakka Jardins.

Which area:  Sao Paulo, Ibirapuera Park and Itaim.

How to go: Take an Uber to the park. The park has several entrances. Opposite entrance 2 you see the Bandeiras Monument. A tribute to the explorers who first came.

What to do: Visit the auditorium designed by famous architect Oscar Niemeyer in Ibirapuera Park. The Pavilion Lucas Noguerira Garcez, known as "Oca" due to the shape of brazilian indian traditional homes, is an exhibition structure in Ibirapuera Park. Worth a visit! At the time we were there, Oca, also designed by Oscar Niemeyer, was under construction. So we only saw the outside of Oca.

Where having lunch? You can have a delicious lunch in the garden of Santo Gráo. There are seven locations of Santo Gráo in Sao Paulo. We picked out the one in Itaim. Very friendly staff, good wine and food and a sereen place to sit under the palm trees in the garden.

Stroll around: It is a joy to stroll around Rua Oscar Freire. Luxury shops, small shops, coffee bars and galleries are all over the place. It feels a little bit European. And the top of the shops is, of course, the Havianas flag ship store. You will find flip flops in every imaginable design and color. They have more than 350 models!

Cooling down: After you spend your credit card on Rua Oscar Freire you will cool down with a nice cup of coffee at Tostado Café Club.

What to eat for dinner: A great suggestion to have dinner is at Nakka Jardins. A place where a lot of green surrounds you and you can eat the most delicious gyoza's and sushi's. Highly recommended are the sushi's with salmon and truffle! Bom proveito!

Watch our vlog of Sao Paulo!

San Francisco, by ferry and bike to swinging Tiburon!

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Of you go, by bike and ferry from downtown San Francisco to swinging Tiburon.

Which area: Tiburon on the bayside of San Francisco. Do you know that Tiburon was a former railroad town and that Tiburon means shark in Spanish!

How to go: Buy a ticket and travel from the San Francisco Ferry Building and catch a Golden Gate Tiburon Ferry heading to Tiburon. It departs from gate B. The trip takes 30 minutes before you enter paradise of the little town Tiburon.

What to do: Bike on the Old Rail Trail and have a picnic near the water with your own filled picnic basket and enjoy the view. Be aware of a dog named Max…he likes your picnic food!

What is the highlight? You have to visit the Hippie Tree. It's a must see! The selfie spot for influencers and the best spot for the epicurean.

Exercise: It takes some effort to visit the Hippie Tree. You have to climb a steep hill to find this great spot. But it's all worth the sweat and exercise. Swing on one of the swing sets and enjoy the incredible beautiful view over the bayside, downtown SanFran and the magnificent Golden Gate bridge.

Cooling down: After you climbed the hill, swinged at the Hippie Tree and biked back to downtown Tiburon, you might want to cool down. Have a nice glass of wine at the wine café Squalo Vino while waiting for the ferry that brings you back to downtown San Francisco via Angel Island.

More things to do: If you like the history of Tiburon you can visit the Tiburon Railroad and Ferry Museum at the waterfront at 1920 Paradise Drive. More a type of person exploring nature? Then you have lovely hiking trails in the hills of Tiburon. Or make a side step to Angel Island by ferry from Tiburon.

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Toronto, Cluny restaurant and skating at an outdoor ice rank!

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Dinner with a French touch and feeling like a King or Queen on ice!

Which area: The Distillery District were in early days a lot of whisky has been made. Today you can enjoy arts, culture and entertainment. And you have plenty of restaurants and bars.

Where to eat: Book a table at Cluny Bistro in the Distillery District. A French oriented restaurant with delicious food and wine. And Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin can be heard through the speakers to join your French rendezvous ;-).

What to do: If the winter season is there, you can skate at an outdoor ice rank in the city. There are a couple of ice ranks from which to choose.

What do you need: You can rent ice skates near the ice rank. But be aware that they are not in the most excellent condition. Would you like to make the most fantastic ice moves...bring your own ice skates with you ;-)!

Nice to know: If you are cold or you need a break during practising your pirouettes, you can buy hot drinks and hot dogs on the side

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San Francisco, glamping in an Airstream and wineries to visit!

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A luxury Airstream outdoor experience in the Red Woods with campfire, marshmallows and wine. Who doesn't want that?!

Russian River AutoCamp is a great place to be. Surrounded by the Red Wood Forest you can stay in a beautiful Airstream and chill out.

Which area: Guerneville in the Russian River Valley of Sonoma County, California, United States.

Where to go: Book a stay at AutoCamp. They offer overnight lodging and accommodations in modern Airstream suites. A great experience to glamp, you don't want to miss it!

What do you need: You need a toothbrush and toothpaste...the rest is already organized. Towels, shower gel, toiletpaper, coffee & tea, blankets,'s all there.

What to do: Buy some wood and a marshmallow kit in the clubhouse of AutoCamp. And settle a wine arrangement to be sure you start a great night near the campfire.

Nice to do the next day: You can use the bikes for free at you can make a little round tour to Guerneville and the Russian River. And when you have checked out you can drive with your own car to several wine estates. Such as Iron Horse and Viansa. California has it all!

Watch our vlog of San Francisco!

Panama and Taboga…Tobogo, Tabago…no it’s Taboga Island ;-)!

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Escape to Taboga, a tropical island you can reach in just half an hour sailing from Panama City!

Panama - Isla Taboga: also known as the "Island of Flowers", is a volcanic island in the Gulf of Panama about 20 km from Panama City.

Which area: Isla Taboga, Panama City.

How to go: The day starts at the ferry terminal on the Amador Causeway in Panama City, where boats cross back and forth to the island all day long. You can buy the ferry tickets in advance on the side of Taboga Express.

What do you need: You need ferry tickets in advance, a lot of sunscreen, a hat, swimwear, water, a credit card, some cash.

What to do: There are seafront boutique hotels and beach bars. You can sniff some culture by visiting the St. Peter’s Church (Iglesia de San Pedro) which is conveniently located in the centre of town. There is only one road and almost no traffic, which makes it the perfect escape. From hiking to spectacular viewpoints to relaxing on the is up to you!

Nice to know information: The French painter Paul Gauguin lived on the island of Taboga. There are some nice wall paintings as a hommage, you can find them in the centre of the little town. Nothing remains to bear witness of his stay here apart from a vibrant plaque, donated in 1995 by the French Embassy of Panama. Perhaps there are yet undiscovered works on Isla Taboga itself. So...go for it ;-!

Watch our vlog of Panama!


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We were a little sheepless but the good news is: DON’T DISTURB THE SHEEP is back in town! We start fresh and back on track in 2022. And for now: have a wonderful Christmas. And we wish all off you a great, hopefully a COVID-free, happy TWOTHOUSANDTWENTYTWO!

Bonaire…follow the wind to Windsock!

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Bonaire, let yourself be guided by the wind and visit the great spot at Windsock, The Beach!

Bonaire: As the slogan on the license plates of all vehicles on Bonaire confirms, this really is a “Divers Paradise”. But sailing, swimming, snorkeling and relaxing are also great options in this paradise as well.

Which area: Kralendijk, Windsock, Bonaire.

Where to go: Start your day at Windsock, The Beach. Take a dive and have a nice drink. Have lunch or dinner...the green eggs are waiting for you ;-)!

What do you need: You need a scooter (Don't Disturb The Sheep rented it at Smiley Rentals) to criss cross the island. Unfortunately you have to wear a helmet, due to safety no wind in your hair while driving a scooter. But let you hair wave in the wind like a windsock at The Beach!

What to do: Options all over...everything with wind, blue sky and sea is available on every part on the island. But The Beach at Windsock is the most relaxing place to hang out for a while or maybe the whole day, instead of the crowded beaches of Sorobon. The only drawback is that you can't surf at this place.

Nice to know information: Windsocks are used to tell wind speed and the direction of the wind speed itself.

Atlanta…discover the BeltLine in a speedy way!

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Atlanta, discover the BeltLine in a speedy way!

In the peach state of Atlanta you can discover a multi-use trail on a former railway corridor, the BeltLine, which links city parks and neighborhoods. You can walk, bike or take a speedy variant like DDTS did.

Which city: Atlanta, United States of America.

Where to go: Go to the BeltLine to one of the access points.

What do you need: You need an app for Bird or Lime to catch an electrical scooter somewhere near the BeltLine. And the fun starts!

What to do: Besides enjoying nature, you have several places to eat, for instance Superica which you will find near the BeltLine. Or you can go to other patios for lunch, dinner and all the way to those late night cocktails. Have a pit-stop at Ponce City Market where you can find lots of food as well or visit the great arty and hip shops! There is graffiti to spot everywhere on the trail. And you will have a perfect view of the Atlanta skyline while enjoying your ride. So what are you waiting for...grab that scooter!

What to expect: Fun, art, runners, walkers, bikers, skateboarders, nature and graffiti.

New York City, full of color!

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New York
New York, a city full of colorful surprises.

Engage all of your senses in unexpected ways when you are visiting this briljant place. Color, color, color...and oh yeah...COLOR, not only in a visual sense!

Which city: New York, United States of America.

Where to go: Go to the Color Factory at 251 Spring Street in Soho.

What to discover: You can discover a collaborative interactive exhibit full of colors, tasting, dancing, drawing and more funny surprises! And afterwards you can discover the Manhattan Color Walk as an extension of your visit at the Color Factory.

What to eat: Eat the delicious colorful mango ice cream when entering the exhibition. Eat salty and sweet stuff together and accept all the food and drinks they offer as an experience on its own.

What to expect: You expect the we will tell nothing and keep it as a big surprise ;-)!

Paris, a touch of Israel in le Marais

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Paris is known for its romanticism, fashion, food, art and culture. It is one of the largest cities in Europe. And some small tiny places in that large city are worth a visit...that's where Tavlin pops up!

The remarkable city of Paris is divided into twenty arrondissements. Check out le Marais. It spreads across parts of the 3rd and 4th arrondissements in Paris.

Which city: Paris, France.

Where to go: Go to the district le Marais and go to the Rue Rio de Sicile and visit number 25!

What to discover: The tiny cozy place called Tavline. This Israeli restaurant, brings cooking with an invigorating herbaceousness to the Marais (Tavline means "spice" in Hebrew).

What to eat: Jump in the delicious world of spices and try the houmous if houmous is your passion and try the incredible main dishes you can't refuse. An explosion of all kinds of flavors in combination with beautifully designed dishes are an inspiration for both your eyes as your taste.

What to love: The excellent service! The kindness and warm welcome you feel as a guest is like coming home. DDTS adores it and didn't want to be disturbed while having a great lunch or dinner at Tavline ;-)!

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