A new and original travel website has been launched by two KLM flight attendants. Called ‘Don’t Disturb The Sheep’ (DDTS) the website is the brain child of both Desiré van Brummen and Margré Mijer.

With a background in graphic design and owning her own design agency, Margré concieved the logo and website design in close collaboration with Desiré who provides the brains behind the website DDTS.

They started travelling together in june 2012 as Flight Attendants. They headed to Dallas the first time. They figured out that they like the same things in a city, are both interested in design, travelling, exploring, fashion and lifestyle. This was all very exciting and they ended up travelling together since october 2013. That’s when their photo compilations started...they call them COMPI’S.

Over the last year they have managed to team up on a regular basis and have experienced so many interesting, exciting and special moments together that they have came to a point that they would like to share this with the world. They decided to start a website on which they will share all their adventures with you. A place where you can get inspired and excited about all the good and beautiful things the world and life have to offer.

Come join them. This is you’re final boarding call!

< Margré Mijer

Nice to meet you! I am Margré Mijer. I studied at the Arnhem College of Art in the Netherlands and qualified as a graphic designer. I love working as a photographer and doing free creative projects as well. Working as a flight attendant gives me a great oppertunity to travel around the world. My camera and laptop join me everywhere of course ;-)! The continuous variation of impressions and images are my inspiration in life. ‘Wonder’ is the key not only in my attitude to life but also in the way I work, think and observe. ’Joie de vivre’ is my motto! (photography: Marloes van der Meijs-Felix)


Desiré van Brummen >

Hi, my name is Desiré van Brummen and I really love to travel!!! So what’s the best job for somebody who’s been bitten by the “travelbug”? You guessed it right!...Flight Attendant, and that’s what I am. My other passions in life are fashion, design, interior, gadgets and the web. Thanks to my job I experienced and discovered many different cultures, lifestyles and got to meet so many interesting people from different walks of life. This is something that really inspires me and continues to fuel my search for new things!