Oslo, at the fjord, Anne pa Landet, Barcode, Shoot Gallery, Olivia and the underground railway

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Oslo: at the fjord, having coffee at Anne pa Landet, district Barcode and Shoot Gallery, dinner at Olivia and culture in the underground railway

Drinking coffee in a small wooden café, having exercise by running near the fjord, having culture in Shoot Gallery and the underground railway and eating in the former railway station at Olivia.

Which city: Oslo: district Homlia and the city center of Oslo, Norway.

Where to go: To enjoy the nature, go outside the centre and enjoy running near the fjord as a good start of the day.

What to drink and eat: Have coffee in an old traditional wooden house at Anne pa Landet near the fjord or have dinner at Olivia at Ostbanehallen. The building used to be the railway station.

What to do: Visit the new district Barcode and have a glimpse of culture at Shoot Gallery. Or explore the inspiring interior of the underground railway of Oslo at National Theatret.

What to love: Enjoy the incredible beautiful nature or find your way in the hip up and coming Barcode district. Explore the hidden scandinavian design of the underground railway.

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