San Francisco, SFMOMA, Yerba Buena Gardens, Martin Luther King Memorial, Gallery Berggruen and The Mexican Museum

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San Francisco
San Francisco: art and culture everywhere around Yerba Buena Gardens!

Wander around in the area of the Yerba Buena Gardens where art is all around you.

Which city: San Francisco, United States of America.

Where to go: The SFMOMA is completely renovated and worth a visit. Gallery Berggruen is a new spot opposite the museum and visit the The Mexican Museum that will be opened soon. Be suprised by the Yerba Buena Gardens with a fantastic Martin Luther King memorial on the side.

What to drink and eat: Buy a coffee and a red velvet cupcake in a coffee shop near the Gardens and enjoy all of it on a rock inside Yerba Buena!

What to do: Visit the exhibitions in de SFMOMA or Gallery Berggruen. Take a look at the imposing Martin Luther King Memorial or just lay down in the Gardens and enjoy looking at the variety of people and students who enjoy the Gardens with you.

What to love: The contemporary art, the Mexican Museum or the peaceful ambiance in the Yerba Buena Gardens in between the hustle and bustle of San Francisco's downtown.

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Kiev, Landscape Alley, St. Sophia Cathedral and a lot of Ukrainian hospitality

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Kiev: art at Landscape Alley, the beautiful Cathedral of St. Sophia and a special chicken

Explore the city of Kiev, wander around the streets and take a tour in the great Cathedral. And if you are hungry, try the specialty of Kiev!

Which city: Kiev, Ukraine.

Where to go: Enjoy the art of Landscape Alley and visit St. Sophia Cathedral, one of the city's best known landmark.

What to drink and eat: Have the specialty of Kiev: Chicken Kiev, and try the recipe of Jamie Oliver's Chicken Kiev at home ;-)!

What to do: Visit the electric mix of sculptures by mosaic tiles of Landscape Alley or go to the St. Sophia Cathedral and get familiar with this giant masterpiece.

What to love: Enjoy the incredible Ukrainian hospitality. It's warm and sincere!

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