St Petersburg, the Hermitage, Church on Spilled Blood and a Matryoshka nesting doll

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St Petersburg
St Petersburg, a city with lots of wealth.

Would you like to spend hours in a museum? The Hermitage will be the best option. If you have time left, wander around the streets and buy a Matryoshka, the Russian nesting doll!

Which city: St Petersburg, Russia.

Where to go: Go to the Hermitage. It is a state museum located in the old tsarist palace complex on the Neva River. The museum houses a magnificent art collection that includes imperial porcelain, superb Rembrandts, ancient cameos, Madonnas by Da Vinci, marble sculptures by Canova, colourful paintings by Matisse.

What to drink and eat: Try a delicious cinnamon roll or a red velvet cake with a coffee in the little café in the Hermitage to take a break.

What to do: Buy a traditional Matryoshka doll on the street or in a shop and catch a glimpse of the Church on Spilled Blood.

What to love: The great diversity and wealth of the collection and stunningly decorated rooms of the Hermitage, the sweet people from St Petersburg and there hospitality and all the great buildings you see everywhere in the city.

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Los Angeles, a private party at Manhattan Beach

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Los Angeles
Los Angeles and a private party on the beach are a good combination!

Would you like to have a great time on one of the beaches of LA? Mix a good bottle of wine with sun, sand and good company.

Which city: Los Angeles, United States of America.

Where to go: Go to Manhattan Beach.

What to drink and eat: Buy a bottle of the greatest wine, take some nuts, cheese and crackers with you and wine and dine on the beach. P.s. It is actually not allowed to drink alcohol on the beach so be discreet about it. So put your alcoholic drinks in a paper bag to cover up.

What to do: Enjoy the view over the ocean, feel free like a bird and dance in the sand.

What to love: The ambiance of Manhattan Beach, one of the best beaches in town!

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