Helsinki, Allas Sea Pool in minus 7 Celsius!

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Helsinki: swimming in the Allas Sea Pool at minus 7 degrees celsius! A really 'try before you die' experience!

The capital of Finland is a hip place to be. One of the bravest things to do is swimming in an outdoor pool during winter in the harbor of Helsinki.

Which city: Helsinki, Finland.

Where to go: Go to the Allas Sea Pool.

What to wear: Put on your moonboots and a bikini or swimshort, that's all ;-)!

What to do: Jump in the pool, head above the surface, enjoy the warm water, climb out of the pool...feel like a snowman, take a dip in the unheated bath and jump in the sauna afterwards.

What to love: The total craziness to swim in an outdoor pool while it is minus 7 degrees celcius and you see the icicles on the bathing ladders. After that you can dip into the sauna...that's heaven on earth after this frosty heroic action!

Cairo versus Helsinki

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Cairo, the capital of Egypt, home to the Pyramids, the Egyptian Museum and fabulous Islamic architecture! I have unfortunately not been able to visit these beautiful places. Egypt is still suffering instability. I was not allowed to leave the hotel. At the swimming pool the air felt cold. So what to do next? Well, I did a lot of eating, reading, relaxing and sleeping. A beautiful and loud hotel wedding party was by far the most entertaining thing I saw in Cairo!


Cold and crispy Helsinki instead of Toronto. Desiré and I were supposed to be in Toronto upcoming days. But our flight was canceled, due to snow storms on the east coast of the United States. Instead Desiré had to travel to Egypt and I touched down in Finland. The influences of the Baltic states can be seen in the architecture of the Central Railway Station. It is a widely recognised landmark in Kluuvi, part of central Helsinki. The Atheneum Art Museum is an impressive old classical European building and Kiasma, the Museum of Contemporary Art, is modern with Scandinavian roots. So a lot of interesting styles mixed in one city. The Finnish company Marimekko, based in Helsinki, is a must visit! It is a well known Finnish design house celebrated worldwide for its original prints and colors. Marimekko has made important contributions to fashion, especially in the 1960s. Unfortunately I had only a couple of hours to wander around in Helsinki. But still I had a good glimpse of the city and what she has to offer!

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