Kiev, Landscape Alley, St. Sophia Cathedral and a lot of Ukrainian hospitality

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Kiev: art at Landscape Alley, the beautiful Cathedral of St. Sophia and a special chicken

Explore the city of Kiev, wander around the streets and take a tour in the great Cathedral. And if you are hungry, try the specialty of Kiev!

Which city: Kiev, Ukraine.

Where to go: Enjoy the art of Landscape Alley and visit St. Sophia Cathedral, one of the city's best known landmark.

What to drink and eat: Have the specialty of Kiev: Chicken Kiev, and try the recipe of Jamie Oliver's Chicken Kiev at home ;-)!

What to do: Visit the electric mix of sculptures by mosaic tiles of Landscape Alley or go to the St. Sophia Cathedral and get familiar with this giant masterpiece.

What to love: Enjoy the incredible Ukrainian hospitality. It's warm and sincere!

Watch our vlog of Kiev!