Los Angeles, Malibu Farm and Palos Verdes

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Los Angeles
Los Angeles: Malibu Farm and the rough nature of Palos Verdes

Having lunch at Malibu Farm on Malibu Pier one day and enjoying the beautiful scenery and rough beaches of Palos Verdes the next day.

Which city: Los Angeles: Malibu and Palos Verdes, California, United States of America.

Where to go: To Malibu Pier in Malibu and to Pelican Cove and Vincente Bluffs Reserve in Palos Verdes.

What to drink and eat: Having lunch at Malibu Farm with a glass of wine on the pier while enjoying the beautiful view over the Pacific Ocean.

What to do: Visiting the great rough coastline of Palos Verdes, having a short hike through Vincente Bluffs Reserve and staying on the beach of Pelican Cove.

What to love: Enjoying the beautiful scenery's of both Malibu and Palos Verdes: the jetset of Malibu versus the rocks of Pelican Cove. Two different worlds.

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Los Angeles and Highland Park

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Los Angeles
Los Angeles: pitstop on a yellow couch and exploring a tiny stationary shop

Being so many times in Los Angeles but always the desire to explore some new spots. This time we decided to go to Highland Park, an upcoming district in the Northeast of Los Angeles.

Which city: Los Angeles, California, United States of America.

Where to go: To Highland Park, York Boulevard.

What to drink and eat: Drinking cappuccino and having lunch at the Highland Cafe or Cafe de Leche.

What to do: Visiting the tiny shop Shorthand on York Boulevard and finding funny postcards and stationary.

What to love: Experience a new upcoming district with a lot of art galleries, DIY spots, vintage stores and cafe's.

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Toronto and the Bite Beauty Lip Lab

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Toronto: having a coffee pitstop and making our own lipstick!

Being in Toronto we want to do something odd. Why not making your own lipstick in a Lip Lab?! It was such a nice experience . The service was great and Desiré's lipstick was very pink ;-)!

Which city: Toronto, Ontario Canada

Where to go: To the Aroma Espresso Bar and the Bite Beauty Lip Lab on Queen St W

What to drink and eat: Drinking cappuccino at Aroma Espresso Bar and having a delicious mini red velvet cupcake and some biscotti.

What to do: Making your own lipstick at the Bite Beauty Lip Lab.

What to love: Experience the art of making your very own personalized lipstick within half a hour.

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