Atlanta…discover the BeltLine in a speedy way!

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Atlanta, discover the BeltLine in a speedy way!

In the peach state of Atlanta you can discover a multi-use trail on a former railway corridor, the BeltLine, which links city parks and neighborhoods. You can walk, bike or take a speedy variant like DDTS did.

Which city: Atlanta, United States of America.

Where to go: Go to the BeltLine to one of the access points.

What do you need: You need an app for Bird or Lime to catch an electrical scooter somewhere near the BeltLine. And the fun starts!

What to do: Besides enjoying nature, you have several places to eat, for instance Superica which you will find near the BeltLine. Or you can go to other patios for lunch, dinner and all the way to those late night cocktails. Have a pit-stop at Ponce City Market where you can find lots of food as well or visit the great arty and hip shops! There is graffiti to spot everywhere on the trail. And you will have a perfect view of the Atlanta skyline while enjoying your ride. So what are you waiting for...grab that scooter!

What to expect: Fun, art, runners, walkers, bikers, skateboarders, nature and graffiti.

New York City, full of color!

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New York
New York, a city full of colorful surprises.

Engage all of your senses in unexpected ways when you are visiting this briljant place. Color, color, color...and oh yeah...COLOR, not only in a visual sense!

Which city: New York, United States of America.

Where to go: Go to the Color Factory at 251 Spring Street in Soho.

What to discover: You can discover a collaborative interactive exhibit full of colors, tasting, dancing, drawing and more funny surprises! And afterwards you can discover the Manhattan Color Walk as an extension of your visit at the Color Factory.

What to eat: Eat the delicious colorful mango ice cream when entering the exhibition. Eat salty and sweet stuff together and accept all the food and drinks they offer as an experience on its own.

What to expect: You expect the we will tell nothing and keep it as a big surprise ;-)!

Atlanta, the Optimist, Martin Luther King & The Ebenezer church: dreams, hope and glory!

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Atlanta is full of history, dreams, love, hope, optimism and glory. Worth a visit.

Atlanta is not only the capital city of Georgia where the Coca Cola museum and the headquarter of CBS are situated. It is also the city of Martin Luther King where history and culture can be seen from early days and where you feel the hope for the future when joining a church ceremony.

Which city: Atlanta, Georgia, North America

Where to go: Go to Martin Luther King's boyhood home, but make a reservation in advance!  And visit the Ebenezer Baptist Church, where Martin Luther King was baptized and where both he and his father were pastors.

What to eat and drink: Go to the Optimist and feel their slogan: 'I have laid a side business, and gone a fishing'! Great fish dishes in an industrial ambiance. A seaside fish camp experience downtown Atlanta on Howell Mill Road.

What to do: Visit Martin Luther King's gravesite where he and his wife Coretta Scott King have their final resting place. Take a look at the eternal flame, and if you want more background information, go to The Martin Luther King Jr. Center across the street.

What to love: Join a sunday morning in the baptist Ebenezer church where you can hear lots of gospel songs and feel the love and respect for each other.

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Los Angeles, Palos Verdes, the Butcher’s Daughter, Melrose trading Post near Fairfax, AMC dine-in, Santa Monica & more

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Los Angeles
Los Angeles: how diverse can it be! Breakfast in Venice, movies at Marina del Rey, wandering around for vintage near Fairfax and enjoying the view at Santa Monica beach. O yes...and don’t forget the sunset near Palos Verdes!

Get the best of everything and enjoy nature, culture, food, vintage and the movies in Palos Verdes, Hollywood, Fairfax, Venice, Marina del Rey, Santa Monica beach and Melrose… It is all happening in that beautiful Lalaland!

Which city: Los Angeles, California, United States of America

Where to go: Explore Lalaland by car and drive to Hollywood, Venice, Melrose Place, Santa Monica and Marina del Rey in one day.

What to drink and eat: Start breakfast in the Butcher’s Daughter at Abbot Kinney in Venice and take a bite and drink while watching a movie at the AMC dine-in in Marina del Rey.

What to do: If you are there on a sunday, go to the open-air market of Melrose trading Post near Fairfax. This fleamarket features a range of vendors who are selling antiques, vintage goods and more nice collectibles.

What to love: The Terranea resort in Rancho Palos Verdes. It is a great place to watch the sunset. This park offers a stunning panoramic view of the Point Vicente Lighthouse and the rocky shoreline. When the sun starts setting, you can capture a breathtaking mix of yellow, violet and orange hues.

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Salt Lake City, Bryce Canyon and Beaver

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Salt Lake City
Salt Lake City, the port to Bryce Canyon in the state of Utah

If you want an incredibly beautiful experience: go to Bryce Canyon!

Which city: Salt Lake City, Utah, North America.

Where to go: Visit the small village of Beaver and the amazing wonder of nature: Bryce Canyon National Park.

What to drink and eat: Drink coffee and choose a delicious cake in a typical American Diner in Beaver.

What to do: Visit the small village of Beaver before heading to Bryce Canyon National Park. Take a look at a barbershop and find a nice American diner to eat and drink something. And experience nature to the fullest by surrounding yourself with the beauty of Bryce Canyon National Park.

What to love: The crimson-colored hoodoos, which are spire-shaped rock formations.

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Los Angeles, a private party at Manhattan Beach

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Los Angeles
Los Angeles and a private party on the beach are a good combination!

Would you like to have a great time on one of the beaches of LA? Mix a good bottle of wine with sun, sand and good company.

Which city: Los Angeles, United States of America.

Where to go: Go to Manhattan Beach.

What to drink and eat: Buy a bottle of the greatest wine, take some nuts, cheese and crackers with you and wine and dine on the beach. P.s. It is actually not allowed to drink alcohol on the beach so be discreet about it. So put your alcoholic drinks in a paper bag to cover up.

What to do: Enjoy the view over the ocean, feel free like a bird and dance in the sand.

What to love: The ambiance of Manhattan Beach, one of the best beaches in town!

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San Francisco, flying to Sonoma and drinking Korbel champagne

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San Francisco
San Francisco, feeling like a bird in the sky, heading to Sonoma!

Try to find a pilot who can fly you to Sonoma, buy a bottle of the delicious Korbel champagne and fly back over the golden gate to SanFran again, while enjoying this golden drink!

Which city: San Francisco, United States of America.

Where to go: Go to San Jose and find a pilot who can fly you to Sonoma.

What to drink and eat: Buy a bottle of Korbel campagne at Sonoma and take some snacks with you.

What to do: Enjoy the view over San Francisco and the beautiful landscape of Sonoma.

What to love: To feel like a bird while flying over the Golden Gate and to have the best champagne of Sonoma on the return flight.

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New York, Columbia University, Boat Bassin Cafe and an arty dandelion in Midtown Manhattan

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New York
New York: feel like a student at the stairs of Columbia University, relax near the Hudson and enjoy an arty fountain in Midtown Manhattan.

It is interesting to discover Columbia University in the city of New York. A famous university where you can wander around.

Which city: New York City, United States of America.

Where to go: To the Columbia University in Upper Manhattan. It is the highest ranked university in New York.

What to drink and eat: Visit Boat Bassin Cafe. It is located on the scenic Hudson River and have a nice walk from the Columbia University to the Cafe at West 79th Street.

What to do: Chat with the students on the stairs at the main entrance of the University building or walk into the building and feel like a professor by taking place at the catheter or take a glimpse at the interior of the old building.

What to love: The ambiance of the University with all the hustle and bustle or enjoy the view over the Hudson River while having lunch at the Boat Bassin Cafe. And if you are walking from Central Parc to Midtown Manhattan, take a look at the arty dandelion! It is a huge fountain.

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San Francisco, SFMOMA, Yerba Buena Gardens, Martin Luther King Memorial, Gallery Berggruen and The Mexican Museum

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San Francisco
San Francisco: art and culture everywhere around Yerba Buena Gardens!

Wander around in the area of the Yerba Buena Gardens where art is all around you.

Which city: San Francisco, United States of America.

Where to go: The SFMOMA is completely renovated and worth a visit. Gallery Berggruen is a new spot opposite the museum and visit the The Mexican Museum that will be opened soon. Be suprised by the Yerba Buena Gardens with a fantastic Martin Luther King memorial on the side.

What to drink and eat: Buy a coffee and a red velvet cupcake in a coffee shop near the Gardens and enjoy all of it on a rock inside Yerba Buena!

What to do: Visit the exhibitions in de SFMOMA or Gallery Berggruen. Take a look at the imposing Martin Luther King Memorial or just lay down in the Gardens and enjoy looking at the variety of people and students who enjoy the Gardens with you.

What to love: The contemporary art, the Mexican Museum or the peaceful ambiance in the Yerba Buena Gardens in between the hustle and bustle of San Francisco's downtown.

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Los Angeles, Malibu Farm and Palos Verdes

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Los Angeles
Los Angeles: Malibu Farm and the rough nature of Palos Verdes

Having lunch at Malibu Farm on Malibu Pier one day and enjoying the beautiful scenery and rough beaches of Palos Verdes the next day.

Which city: Los Angeles: Malibu and Palos Verdes, California, United States of America.

Where to go: To Malibu Pier in Malibu and to Pelican Cove and Vincente Bluffs Reserve in Palos Verdes.

What to drink and eat: Having lunch at Malibu Farm with a glass of wine on the pier while enjoying the beautiful view over the Pacific Ocean.

What to do: Visiting the great rough coastline of Palos Verdes, having a short hike through Vincente Bluffs Reserve and staying on the beach of Pelican Cove.

What to love: Enjoying the beautiful scenery's of both Malibu and Palos Verdes: the jetset of Malibu versus the rocks of Pelican Cove. Two different worlds.

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Los Angeles and Highland Park

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Los Angeles
Los Angeles: pitstop on a yellow couch and exploring a tiny stationary shop

Being so many times in Los Angeles but always the desire to explore some new spots. This time we decided to go to Highland Park, an upcoming district in the Northeast of Los Angeles.

Which city: Los Angeles, California, United States of America.

Where to go: To Highland Park, York Boulevard.

What to drink and eat: Drinking cappuccino and having lunch at the Highland Cafe or Cafe de Leche.

What to do: Visiting the tiny shop Shorthand on York Boulevard and finding funny postcards and stationary.

What to love: Experience a new upcoming district with a lot of art galleries, DIY spots, vintage stores and cafe's.

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Toronto and the Bite Beauty Lip Lab

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Toronto: having a coffee pitstop and making our own lipstick!

Being in Toronto we want to do something odd. Why not making your own lipstick in a Lip Lab?! It was such a nice experience . The service was great and Desiré's lipstick was very pink ;-)!

Which city: Toronto, Ontario Canada

Where to go: To the Aroma Espresso Bar and the Bite Beauty Lip Lab on Queen St W

What to drink and eat: Drinking cappuccino at Aroma Espresso Bar and having a delicious mini red velvet cupcake and some biscotti.

What to do: Making your own lipstick at the Bite Beauty Lip Lab.

What to love: Experience the art of making your very own personalized lipstick within half a hour.

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