Helsinki, Allas Sea Pool in minus 7 Celsius!

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Helsinki: swimming in the Allas Sea Pool at minus 7 degrees celsius! A really 'try before you die' experience!

The capital of Finland is a hip place to be. One of the bravest things to do is swimming in an outdoor pool during winter in the harbor of Helsinki.

Which city: Helsinki, Finland.

Where to go: Go to the Allas Sea Pool.

What to wear: Put on your moonboots and a bikini or swimshort, that's all ;-)!

What to do: Jump in the pool, head above the surface, enjoy the warm water, climb out of the pool...feel like a snowman, take a dip in the unheated bath and jump in the sauna afterwards.

What to love: The total craziness to swim in an outdoor pool while it is minus 7 degrees celcius and you see the icicles on the bathing ladders. After that you can dip into the sauna...that's heaven on earth after this frosty heroic action!