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Dennis van Hoof - Amsterdam

It's fun to get out of your comfort zone!

Dennis van Hoof is our first guest sheep. He was the first person who popped up in one of our compi's. It was october 2014 when DDTS visited New York City. We promised Dennis at that time that if we developed our website DDTS he would be the first guest sheep. Half a year ago Dennis moved from Breda, in the south of the Netherlands, to a very nice apartment in the north of Amsterdam. Surrounded by vintage with one brand new furniture piece: his velvet mustard coloured couch!

Most of my stuff is vintage.

Dennis is a flight attendant and spends a lot of time abroad. He visits every vintage store he can find on this planet. Eager to find hidden treasures like the old hotel telephone 'suite 301' or an old nice vintage cookbook like the one by Sophia Loren. Since he lives in Amsterdam he knows every vintage store and vintage market in the city. Always trying to find new special odd stuff. But he also finds his way easily on the vintage Chatuchak market in Bangkok. Most of the vintage stuff he bought came from the United States of America. Los Angeles and New York City are the main hot spots for that! Lately he bought a nice painting in the Ijhallen in Amsterdam. That was a golden catch. It appears that this painting belongs to a family who really want to buy it back. And it is pretty expensive. Dennis bought it for just twenty euro's! How funny is that. Negotiations started.

I am flying to see the world and I couldn't do without it.

His full time job as a flight attendant for Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) and being a vintage-shopper are the two main focal points in Dennis life: "Fulltime flying and vintage stores...that's it!" he says with a big smile. Beside that he loves photography. His goal is to post at least one Instagram picture for every journey he makes, private or work related.

I like to travel on my own so I don't have to explain what I am doing.

Plekk is his local pub, just around the corner from where he lives. That's where we met Dennis for the interview. G's in the Jordaan is the ultimate place to have breakfast with friends, he says. Hotel de Goudfazant is his favorite restaurant and a hidden gem in the industrial district near the water. In early days it was used as a garage, now it is one of the hotspots in town! Butcher Louman is the shop where he always buys his meat, it is situated in the Jordaan near the Haarlemmerstraat. After half a year living in Amsterdam Dennis knows his way very well. He can easily find the most hip and trendy places. He says: "I like to spend time with friends but I also love to travel on my own. I went to Russia, a country that integrues me a lot. I just visited it on my own. A brilliant adventure all by myself!"

A new goal during my travels and plan B.

Dennis visits restaurants all over the world. He is joining a culinary platform. In cooperation with KLM and Special Bite, Dennis is traveling around the world to specific places to review restaurants and their menu. On the review list for this year: Lima, Barcelona, Singapore, Bangkok, New York City and Hongkong. The ultimate job in a job! He says: "Beside that I have a plan B: My dream is to be the owner of a vintage store one day. Good stuff, good trading...that's my dream job in future besides my job as a flight attendant. A perfect combination!"
We thank Dennis for this interview. Beside the interview we have the guest sheep vlog. Check it out!

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    Leuke blog; tekst en vlog. Ga dit zeker volgen erg leuk. Ook om ideeën op te doen. Succes meiden!

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      Dear Janey, thanks so much for this nice comment! We welcome you on our website. And thanks for following us.

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