Los Angeles, denied admission to the Late Late show and healing our wounds in the Grove

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Los Angeles

Arrived late in the afternoon. We just did some small shopping across from our hotel and had some sushi before we went to bed, completely knocked out. The day after we started our 'normal routine' with a breakfast at Hermosa Beach. This time of the year it is bloody hot. So we preferred not to melt on the beach but to drive our air-conditioned car to West Hollywood. We did some shopping at the Crossroads vintage store on Santa Monica Boulevard and were excited about what was going to happen afterwards: We had tickets for the Late Late Show of James Corden next to the Grove! Broadway, television and film star James Corden takes over the reins of the Late Late-night franchise at CBS from fellow U.K. import Craig Ferguson. The British performer, whose previous hosting gigs include five years of The Brit Awards, puts his charm, warmth and creative instincts to use as he interviews celebrities and newsmakers, and hosts musical performances in his post "Late Show" time slot.

We changed our flip-flops to high heels and went to the CBS studios where the show took place. We were waiting in line and suddenly a guy came up to us and said: "Sorry girls, you can't join the show. It's a full house!". First we thought it was a joke but unfortunately he was serious. Denied admission...we changed our high heels to flip-flops again and walked back to the entrance. They ensured us that next time we will be in the show due to our new ticket status (previously denied) but still we were very dissapointed as you can imagine. We did some window shopping at Nordstrom to heal our wounds and touched every shoe we found to feel better after our terrible rejection...a woman's gotta do what a woman's gotta do...

Instead of watching the great Late Late Show of James Corden we watched the baby of Bridget Jones at the Pacific Theatres at the Grove... Mister Darcy instead of James Corden...just perfect, not ;-)!

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