Taipei, Artist Village, Treasure Hill, Poetry Cafe and 61 Note

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Taipei: art, face masks, robots and sushi...diversity in the streets of Taipei!

Taipei has a lot to offer and art is one of those things. The city contains at least two modern art districts worth to take a look at. DDTS went to the Art Village near Treasure Hill. Original as can be! If you want more art, go to the Museum of Contemporary Art. In front of the building are wonderful giant statues to explore. Sometimes you’re lucky to see a nice exhibition in the subway station...DDTS was lucky this time ;-)!

Which city: Taipei, Taiwan

Where to go: The Art Village near Treasure Island and the small hip streets near Gongguan station with hip coffee shop 61 Note.

What to drink and eat: Drink a coffee in the tiny Poetry Café in the Art Village or try the delicious sushi from the high end supermarket Mitsui Style.

What to do: Wander around in the streets of Art Village and take a look at the graphity and funny art like the blow-up of a happiness cookie.

What to love: The drug stores with a colourful variety of face masks. Try the red wine mask or the warm eye mask with lavender.

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Taipei versus Los Angeles

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Taipei versus Los Angeles


Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall is located at the heart of Taipei City. I woke up late, but caught the last few moments of closing of the gates and retiring the national flag for the day. The guards ceremony is precision at it's best! The area is large but a wonderful place to stroll. I would suggest a twilight visit to capture day and night when the memorial building becomes illuminated. Here I met my new Taiwanese friend named Annie and had some drinks, food and laughs! A good way to practise her English, and mine! 

After this great visit I went to Shilin Night Market and bought sneakers and a furry keychain (It's a fashion thing, don't ask). There are a lot of night markets in Taipei. Most are open nightly and offer a variety of snacks, clothing and fun accessories.

The next day I visited the Taipei Fine Arts Museum within walking distance of the crew hotel and located in Taipei Expo Park. It's the most popular art exhibition hall, hosting a wide variety of international and Taiwanese art. I found the paintings a little bit bizarre, compared to the other parts of the exhibition. Overall I had fun and you can easily spend half a day here!


This time in Los Angeles I decided to go to the Venice Art & Collectables Flea Market on the parking of the Venice High School on Venice Boulevard. This outdoor flea market provides vintage jewelry, clothing & wares on the 2nd Saturday of every month. There's free parking and it is very easy to park your car in the vicinity of the market. I bought an amazingly nice, old chewing gum machine this time. What a gem!

After the market I went to Venice Beach and had a glimpse of Muscle Beach, but due to the June Gloom there was not much to see. June Gloom is a southern Californian term for a weather pattern that results in cloudy, overcast skies with cool temperatures during the late spring and early summer. It is most common in the month of June.

I visited a small vintage clothing market on my way to the beach. This market had a clothing truck instead of a food truck, very funny. I parked in a parking lot with an extraordinarly overrated price of fifteen dollars near Venice Beach. No matter if you stay for half a hour or the whole day you have to pay this amount. Totally different prices at Manhattan Beach. I spent a couple of hours on Venice but it is not my cup of tea. Manhattan Beach is my thing, so later on I finally went to my favorite Manhattan spot and was happy to be back home. Enjoying beach life and sunset...feeling home abroad.

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