Curaçao, relaxing to the max at Papagayo, Zanzibar and Zest

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Are you planning to do nothing active and you want to feel like a prince and/or princess, wind in your hair and your feet in soft white sand? Than we advise you to go to the beaches of Zest on Curaçao. Lie down with a nice drink and have a beautiful view all day long! Well, we were planning to do just that when we were on the island. We made necessary reservations for luxury lounge beds on the beach at Zest for the next day. The price includes a nice bottle of sparkling or plain water and you can order food and drinks all day long. If that doesn't make sense...

After sunset you can have a drink and a dance at Zanzibar. There is live music during the weekends. If you want to swim in a pool you have to go to Papagayo. They have a salty bassin in front of the sea and also offer drinks and food whenever you like. Papagayo became a large international hotspot in the heart of the Caribbean with an upscale design hotel on the beach, a trendy beach club and a versatile beach plaza, home to a classy casino, a contemporary spa, a state-of-the-art fitness centre, a supermarket and various shops and F&B facilities.

This 'relaxing, we don't do anything this trip' is exceptional for Don't Disturb The Sheep. But we enjoyed it to the max!

Watch our vlog of Curaçao, relaxing to the max at Papagayo, Zanzibar and Zest!