Panama and the San Blas Islands

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Panama and the San Blas Islands
Panama and the San Blas Islands

If you want paradise on earth, go to the San Blas Islands when you are visiting Panama City for a couple of days.

We drove three hours through the mountains, got sick of all the curves in the road and soaking wet when we took the small boat from the mainland to the Island of Hotel Porvenir...but nevertheless it was all worth it!

This was an amazing trip to a world where the sea is greener than green and the islands are beautiful treasures in the Caribean sea. Hotel Porvenir was a great family hotel where we spent the night. We bought our own lobsters on another island and at the end of the day we met them on our platterns, including a lot of garlic ;-). We'd never had such an amazingly fresh tasty lobster as we had at Hotel Porvenir. The family runs the island. There are a few cottages, a small airstrip and a lot of palmtrees and that’s it. Don’t expect a lot of luxury because it's all quite simple but what else do you need in paradise?

So if you are in Panama, visit one of the hundreds of beautiful islands of San Blas. Make sure you get dropped on one of the completely empty ones, so you can spend a whole day on a desolate bounty island with your own drinks and food and the people you wanted to be surrounded with. There are also islands packed with people including a bar if you want to party. But we preferred an uninhabited island somewhere in that beautiful green Caribean sea! Desiré wanted to be on a ‘Donald Duck Island’…an island with just one palmtree. We found one but unfortunately we weren’t allowed to stay on that particular island. Next time we have to call Donald Duck in advance to get permission to visit such a simple ‘one-tree-only-island' ;-)!

When we were back in Panama City we went to rooftop bar Tantalo. We had a nice cocktail with a great view over Panama City. Instead of simplicity we had luxury this time…both worlds were great to deal with ;-)!

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