Sao Paulo, Oscar Niemeyer, Rua Oscar Freire…it’s all about the Oscar’s ;-)!

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All Oscar's go to Sao Paulo! Join us and visit the auditorium and Oca, both designed by Oscar Niemeyer, eat at Santo Gráo in Itaim, stroll along Rua Oscar Freire and have dinner at Nakka Jardins.

Which area:  Sao Paulo, Ibirapuera Park and Itaim.

How to go: Take an Uber to the park. The park has several entrances. Opposite entrance 2 you see the Bandeiras Monument. A tribute to the explorers who first came.

What to do: Visit the auditorium designed by famous architect Oscar Niemeyer in Ibirapuera Park. The Pavilion Lucas Noguerira Garcez, known as "Oca" due to the shape of brazilian indian traditional homes, is an exhibition structure in Ibirapuera Park. Worth a visit! At the time we were there, Oca, also designed by Oscar Niemeyer, was under construction. So we only saw the outside of Oca.

Where having lunch? You can have a delicious lunch in the garden of Santo Gráo. There are seven locations of Santo Gráo in Sao Paulo. We picked out the one in Itaim. Very friendly staff, good wine and food and a sereen place to sit under the palm trees in the garden.

Stroll around: It is a joy to stroll around Rua Oscar Freire. Luxury shops, small shops, coffee bars and galleries are all over the place. It feels a little bit European. And the top of the shops is, of course, the Havianas flag ship store. You will find flip flops in every imaginable design and color. They have more than 350 models!

Cooling down: After you spend your credit card on Rua Oscar Freire you will cool down with a nice cup of coffee at Tostado Café Club.

What to eat for dinner: A great suggestion to have dinner is at Nakka Jardins. A place where a lot of green surrounds you and you can eat the most delicious gyoza's and sushi's. Highly recommended are the sushi's with salmon and truffle! Bom proveito!

Watch our vlog of Sao Paulo!

Rio de Janeiro

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Rio de Janeiro
We had a great day in Rio de Janeiro! Unfortunately we spent a lot of money on taxi rides. On Sunday you have to pay the double amount. But it was worth it. We went to the hippie market in Ipanema, only open on sundays. We stayed there for a short while and after that we drove to the harbor where we took the ferry to Niterói. We visited the Contemporary Art Museum designed by Oscar Niemeyer. Unfortunately this gorgeous building was under construction after twenty years of total neglect. With the ferry we went back to the main land. At Felice in Ipanema we had a delicious lunch. Then on to the beach were we consumed the traditional caipirinha. We enjoyed the sea, the sun and the great view over Ipanema beach.