Atlanta, the Lenox Square Mall, Sprinkles cupcake ATM and more colourful stuff in the Peach State

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Halloween and Indian Summer in Atlanta

How colourful it can be in Georgia, the Peach State: halloween and Indian Summer in Atlanta this time! A pumpkin decorating competition in our hotel and spiders, spiderwebs and wicked witches everywhere around. We had a short stay so we took a taxi to the Lennox Square Mall. We drove via Sandy Springs.

Sandy Springs is a suburban city in northern Fulton County in Georgia and part of the Atlanta metropolitan area north of Atlanta. While all the hustle and busle of Metro Atlanta’s attractions are only minutes away, Sandy Springs is surrounded by more than 950 acres of parks and natural areas. So you can experience the best of the modern South. Enjoy the big city one moment and the warm hospitality of the hundreds of independently-owned restaurants and shops the next.

Unfortunately we only had a couple of hours in Atlanta but next time we will absolutely explore Sandy Springs some more! But for now we could catch a glimpse of the big wooden houses with porches just like you see in American movies. They are surrounded by beautiful coloured trees in orange, red and yellow. A party for the eyes.

At the Lennox Square Mall we walked into a fantastically bright pink coloured Sprinkles cupcake ATM. Sprinkles is the world’s first cupcake ATM where you can catch freshly baked cupcakes and cookies 24/7! They have a catchy tune when you start your cupcake order: “I love Sprinkles!”. This song repeats and repeats itself again and again…so no worries…you will remember this song all day long ;-)!

The cupcake comes out in a small box, it’s like Christmas came early! Sprinkles engineer Vineet Chaplot is a smart man indeed. How nice it was to choose our favorite red velvet cupcake that came out of the wall in a lovely box with a lovely tune...We love Sprinkles ;-)!”.

After some shopping we ended our colourful day near the pool of our hotel and caught a beam of the late afternoon sun on our faces. It was a mix of different ambiances this day with a touch of red, orange, yellow and pink. Sandy Springs is something to keep in mind…next time we hope to visit and explore that suburban city!

Also watch the vlog of Atlanta!

Los Angeles

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Los Angeles
Arrived in Los Angeles for the first time together. The start of a beautiful friendship leading to the creation of Don’t Disturb The Sheep! We drove our white convertible directly to Target. There we amused ourselves with all the Halloween stuff. It was lovely to experience how it felt to be a banana ;-)! At Manhattan Beach we had a nice glass of wine in restaurant The Strand House. We celebrated our first trip together.