New York’s Artechouse experience!

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New York offers a storytelling of the greatest mystery of the human brain!

Which area: Chelsea Market, New York City.

Where to go: The Artechouse at Chelsea Market. Where creative innovation has no limits.

What to do: If you are interested in the human brain you have to visit the Artechouse. You can experience the story of life at the cellular level. The experience is connecting audience to art and pushing the limits of creative innovation at the intersection of art, science and technology. It is an emotional rollercoaster while you are surrounded by the impressive digital images and the fantastic sound effects. All your senses will be affected!

How to get tickets: It is wise to book your ticket in advance on their website. Keep in mind to choose the right destination because the Artechouse is also situated in Washington and Miami.

Suggestion: Walk the High Line in advance. During this walk you can prepare yourself for the experience of the beautiful spectacle of the life of a neuron!

Watch more of the Artechouse on their YouTube channel!