Curaçao, ducks and more interesting animals in the Caribbean

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Freedom to the max on the island: that's Ducks United! Ducks United Curacao is a very special car rental company, located on one of the best holiday islands in the Caribbean. It is a classic car rental where you can hire a vintage, nostalgic and unique car (2CV). Margré is used to driving this type of car at home in Amsterdam, so DDTS thought it would be nice to rent one on the island for one day. Riding in a 2CV gives you an experience you will never forget. Beside that you will be automatically a member of Ducks United and a membership card with nice discounts will be forever yours. A free entrance to some specific resorts or a free welcome drink at Karakter are some of the options for instance .

We went to Porto Marie, a very nice beach located near the village of Sint Willibrordus, at the Porto Marie Bay. We stopped at the Flamingo Sanctuary on our way to the beach and were lucky to see the Flamingos close by. What beautiful birds they are. A must do on your way to the beach! The beach of Porto Marie is used as a starting point for scuba diving and snorkeling and it has a white sandy beach. Porto Marie Beach is experimenting with artificial coral reefs in order to improve the reef's condition, having placed hundreds of artificial coral blocks. So take care of your feet and legs when you are swimming in the amazingly beautiful azur colored water. Because coral formations are rigid and sharp. Injury can occur after accidental contact, leaving a small amount of animal protein and calcareous material in the wound. Vice versa, you can ruin coral when you touch or step on it. Even an accidental touch from divers and snorkelers can significantly damage the delicate coral polyps. So be careful in two ways!

When we were relaxing on the beach of Porto Marie we had an unexpected visitor. An iguana popped on top of Desiré's lounge bed. There is no doubt that the iguana is king of Curaçao reptiles. Its impressive dragon-like dorsal crest gives a ferocious look, the animal is, in fact, quite shy. But not this time. The iguana was quite impressive and a lot of people tried to catch an image of it. It's a beautiful animal but scary in our opinion. It was certainly a nice photo opportunity. Just as the pelican who landed on the pier.

After we spent a couple of hours on the beach we drove to the West End. But our Duck wasn't doing okay and we couldn't drive further. We called Geert from Ducks United and he brought a new Duck. Good service! This time we got a gray Duck and we drove further to check out Kura Hulanda. Breathtaking coral cliffs surrounded by white coral beaches created the ideal setting for Curacao’s most luxurious resort. This side of the island has spectacular views. Having a drink in one of the nice restaurants with ocean view along the road will be a good option, especially during sunset.

...and dushi Duck will be waiting for you patiently!

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