Bonaire…follow the wind to Windsock!

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Bonaire, let yourself be guided by the wind and visit the great spot at Windsock, The Beach!

Bonaire: As the slogan on the license plates of all vehicles on Bonaire confirms, this really is a “Divers Paradise”. But sailing, swimming, snorkeling and relaxing are also great options in this paradise as well.

Which area: Kralendijk, Windsock, Bonaire.

Where to go: Start your day at Windsock, The Beach. Take a dive and have a nice drink. Have lunch or dinner...the green eggs are waiting for you ;-)!

What do you need: You need a scooter (Don't Disturb The Sheep rented it at Smiley Rentals) to criss cross the island. Unfortunately you have to wear a helmet, due to safety no wind in your hair while driving a scooter. But let you hair wave in the wind like a windsock at The Beach!

What to do: Options all over...everything with wind, blue sky and sea is available on every part on the island. But The Beach at Windsock is the most relaxing place to hang out for a while or maybe the whole day, instead of the crowded beaches of Sorobon. The only drawback is that you can't surf at this place.

Nice to know information: Windsocks are used to tell wind speed and the direction of the wind speed itself.