Vancouver versus Curaçao

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Vancouver versus Curaçao


I am engaged in what I believe to be the most thrilling industry in the world...aviation. That means being able to enjoy a drink after a long flight at the Flying Beaver Bar & Grill and to see tiny seaplanes soaring gracefully through the sky...better than shopping! The Flying Beaver Bar & Grill is located near the South Terminal of Vancouver and next to Harbour Air in Richmond. The bar provides excellent views of the river and ocean while serving some tasty food. One day I would really like to fly in a seaplane as a passenger, but the tickets are pretty pricy...Who knows maybe, better luck next time! Unfortunately I had a short layover in Vancouver so the next day I decided to take a little walk towards the river. What was funny to me is that no matter where I went I saw Chinese people. Richmond is a fast growing Vancouver suburb that is now 41% Chinese speaking. Asking directions didn't get me far as you can imagine. When I walked through the neighbourhood I saw The Richmond Olympic Oval building. After being chosen as the venue for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, the facility was upgraded to serve the needs of the athletes. The lighting and interior spaces were enhanced and 8,000 seats were added to the facility. After the 2010 Olympics, the Richmond Olympic Oval is again being transformed into a community sports and wellness centre. After seeing all this cultural stuff I finally made it to the river, sat down and relaxed... a few hours later it was time to head back to Amsterdam.


This time I was without Desiré on the island of Curaçao. I had the plan to go windsurfing so I brought my shorty wetsuit with me in my suitcase. But unfortunately I could not rent a surfboard due to a tournament on the island. All surfboards were already rented out. What a pity! Plans changed. So I decided to be in the chill mode from that time on. Swimming, getting a tan and enjoying beach life. Nothing more, nothing less! I watched a diving class at Papagayo's diving school 'All in one Watersports' . They started the first principles of diving in the swimming pool. It looked quiet easy but I have fear for it. I am a little bit claustrophobic. Hopefully one day I'll be able to get over it and be willing to learn how to dive. In the evening I went to Zest on the beach with some colleagues. With my feet in the white soft sand, a glass of Sauvignon Blanc in my hand and a tuna steak on my plate, I felt quite happy. The sky was full of stars and a warm wind was blowing through my hair. Paradise on earth!

Watch our vlog of Vancouver versus Curaçao!

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