Los Angeles, cheerleaders in progress, YouTube Space LA, skinny meals and sunset beach

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Los Angeles

If you want to see a different area of Los Angeles, go to the Westside of LA, called Playa Vista. The LMU (Loyola Marymount University) is worth a visit because you have a great view of LA on top of the hill. Meanwhile catch a glimpse of the rehearsals of cheerleader teams during the weekend. We tried the cheerleader exercises ourselves but didn't succeed one split second of it!

When you pass the LMU and go to the Bluff Creek Drive you will find the great office of YouTube Space LA. Located just minutes away from Los Angeles International Airport, YouTube’s creative space is a 41,000 square foot renovated hanger once owned by Hughes Aircraft. The YouTube space is a dedicated building for creative people to follow through on their ideas and produce great content. The idea behind the space is to promote three of YouTube’s principles: learn, share and create. The space functions as a learning center and studio. You need a visitor pass to visit this creative space. Those with at least 10,000 subscribers can access the state-of-the-art production resources to create their next great video. Unfortunately we don't have so many subscribers on our YouTube channel and we had no visitor pass. But we would also love to have 10,000 subscribers. So we would appreciate it if you hit the subscribe button on our YouTube channel. We sneaked in with some guys who worked on a pilot for Netflix at that moment. We had an impression of the building and what was going on on stage. We didn't feel at ease because we weren't supposed to be in the building but after all we were able to get an impression of the space and activities and we loved being able to wander around.

Afterwards we had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory at Marina del Rey. A great spot near the harbor. They also offer delicious skinnylicious meals. Of course the cheesecake is not included in that specific skinny program ;-)! Try the traditional cheesecake with the strawberries as a dessert. It is worth the carbs ;-)! Via Abbot Kinney we went to Santa Monica Beach and enjoyed our prosecco which was at perfect temperature because we made our own selfmade fridge for the small bottles with ice and plastic glasses during the day. We felt so happy after a great day with new experiences and new discoveries. LA has so much to offer. Sunset was great on the beach and the best way to finish another day in paradise LA!


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