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This week on DDTS: Culture and nature in the heart of San Francisco! And if you are curious what you can do in Kiev, travel to our compi and vlog of the Ukraine on our website from last time.

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San Francisco, SFMOMA, Yerba Buena Gardens, Martin Luther King Memorial, Gallery Berggruen and The Mexican Museum
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San Francisco: art and culture everywhere around Yerba Buena Gardens! Wander around in the area of the Yerba Buena Gardens where art is all around you. Which city: San Francisco, United States of America. Where to go: The SFMOMA is completely renovated and worth a … Read More

Kiev, Landscape Alley, St. Sophia Cathedral and a lot of Ukrainian hospitality
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Kiev: art at Landscape Alley, the beautiful Cathedral of St. Sophia and a special chicken Explore the city of Kiev, wander around the streets and take a tour in the great Cathedral. And if you are hungry, try the specialty of … Read More

Oslo, at the fjord, Anne pa Landet, Barcode, Shoot Gallery, Olivia and the underground railway
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Oslo: at the fjord, having coffee at Anne pa Landet, district Barcode and Shoot Gallery, dinner at Olivia and culture in the underground railway Drinking coffee in a small wooden café, having exercise by running near the fjord, having culture … Read More

Bangkok, SO Sofitel, Cristian Lacroix and Lumpini Park
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Bangkok: SO Sofitel designed by Christian Lacroix and a view over Lumpini Park Visit the SO Sofitel and experience the five elements of water, earth, wood, metal and fire while having a view over Lumpini Park. Which city: Thailand: Bangkok. Where … Read More

Los Angeles, Malibu Farm and Palos Verdes
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Los Angeles: Malibu Farm and the rough nature of Palos Verdes Having lunch at Malibu Farm on Malibu Pier one day and enjoying the beautiful scenery and rough beaches of Palos Verdes the next day. Which city: Los Angeles: Malibu and Palos Verdes, California, United … Read More

Los Angeles and Highland Park
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Los Angeles: pitstop on a yellow couch and exploring a tiny stationary shop Being so many times in Los Angeles but always the desire to explore some new spots. This time we decided to go to Highland Park, an upcoming district … Read More

Toronto and the Bite Beauty Lip Lab
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Toronto: having a coffee pitstop and making our own lipstick! Being in Toronto we want to do something odd. Why not making your own lipstick in a Lip Lab?! It was such a nice experience . The service was great and Desiré’s … Read More

Panama and the San Blas Islands
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Panama and the San Blas Islands If you want paradise on earth, go to the San Blas Islands when you are visiting Panama City for a couple of days. We drove three hours through the mountains, got sick of all … Read More

Toronto and Mount St. Louis Moonstone
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Winter sport activities in the mountains of Ontario. January in Toronto…what should we explore this time? First we wanted to go riding with huskies but we had to drive for more than three hours and we didn’t want to. We … Read More

Cape Town versus New York
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Summer in Cape Town and snowy weather in New York City! Big contrast between sunny Cape Town versus snowy big Apple. Take a sip or a culture shot from both worlds! Desiré Cape Town is a wonderful place to be … Read More

Florence versus Los Angeles
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A private jet, a convertible and a romantic aubade Chic to the max in a private jet to Florence, driving a convertible to Schindlers House, visiting Hollyhock House and a romantic aubade about Manhattan Beach…it’s all in one compi and … Read More

Los Angeles versus New York
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West Coast meets East Coast This time DDTS traveled apart together: Desiré was on the west coast in Los Angeles and Margré on the east coast in New York City. How far can you go ;-)! Read about our adventures … Read More

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