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This week on DDTS: Art, face masks and robots mixed with a poetry coffee in Taipei. If you want a more sophisticated spot to drink and eat, then watch the vlog of Los Angeles in which DDTS visits a cinema!

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Taipei, Artist Village, Treasure Hill, Poetry Cafe and 61 Note
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Taipei: art, face masks, robots and sushi…diversity in the streets of Taipei! Taipei has a lot to offer and art is one of those things. The city contains at least two modern art districts worth to take a look at. DDTS … Read More

Los Angeles, Palos Verdes, the Butcher’s Daughter, Melrose trading Post near Fairfax, AMC dine-in, Santa Monica & more
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Los Angeles: how diverse can it be! Breakfast in Venice, movies at Marina del Rey, wandering around for vintage near Fairfax and enjoying the view at Santa Monica beach. O yes…and don’t forget the sunset near Palos Verdes! Get the … Read More

Edinburgh, Edinburgh Castle and Scotch Whisky Experience
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Edinburgh, Edinburgh Castle, spotting half naked men and more Scottish details. Step into history in this bustling and vibrant city! Which city: Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city, United Kingdom Where to go: Discover its hidden gems, experience its Scottish culture, and visit … Read More

Salt Lake City, Bryce Canyon and Beaver
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Salt Lake City, the port to Bryce Canyon in the state of Utah If you want an incredibly beautiful experience: go to Bryce Canyon! Which city: Salt Lake City, Utah, North America. Where to go: Visit the small village of … Read More

St Petersburg, the Hermitage, Church on Spilled Blood and a Matryoshka nesting doll
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St Petersburg, a city with lots of wealth. Would you like to spend hours in a museum? The Hermitage will be the best option. If you have time left, wander around the streets and buy a Matryoshka, the Russian nesting … Read More

Los Angeles, a private party at Manhattan Beach
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Los Angeles and a private party on the beach are a good combination! Would you like to have a great time on one of the beaches of LA? Mix a good bottle of wine with sun, sand and good company. … Read More

San Francisco, flying to Sonoma and drinking Korbel champagne
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San Francisco, feeling like a bird in the sky, heading to Sonoma! Try to find a pilot who can fly you to Sonoma, buy a bottle of the delicious Korbel champagne and fly back over the golden gate to SanFran … Read More

New York, Columbia University, Boat Bassin Cafe and an arty dandelion in Midtown Manhattan
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New York: feel like a student at the stairs of Columbia University, relax near the Hudson and enjoy an arty fountain in Midtown Manhattan. It is interesting to discover Columbia University in the city of New York. A famous university … Read More

San Francisco, SFMOMA, Yerba Buena Gardens, Martin Luther King Memorial, Gallery Berggruen and The Mexican Museum
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San Francisco: art and culture everywhere around Yerba Buena Gardens! Wander around in the area of the Yerba Buena Gardens where art is all around you. Which city: San Francisco, United States of America. Where to go: The SFMOMA is completely renovated and worth a … Read More

Kiev, Landscape Alley, St. Sophia Cathedral and a lot of Ukrainian hospitality
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Kiev: art at Landscape Alley, the beautiful Cathedral of St. Sophia and a special chicken Explore the city of Kiev, wander around the streets and take a tour in the great Cathedral. And if you are hungry, try the specialty of … Read More

Oslo, at the fjord, Anne pa Landet, Barcode, Shoot Gallery, Olivia and the underground railway
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Oslo: at the fjord, having coffee at Anne pa Landet, district Barcode and Shoot Gallery, dinner at Olivia and culture in the underground railway Drinking coffee in a small wooden café, having exercise by running near the fjord, having culture … Read More

Bangkok, SO Sofitel, Cristian Lacroix and Lumpini Park
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Bangkok: SO Sofitel designed by Christian Lacroix and a view over Lumpini Park Visit the SO Sofitel and experience the five elements of water, earth, wood, metal and fire while having a view over Lumpini Park. Which city: Thailand: Bangkok. Where … Read More

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